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BLUE MAGIC CONCERT - BREAK THE SILENCE EXTRAVAGANZA Legendary Blue Magic- Juanita Wynn & Sharon Wynn, Jon Jon of Troop, Rodney Allen Rippy

About this event

  • The legendary Blue Magic will be performing live concert in Stockton, California. This event is a old school R&B benefit fundraising concert brought to you by the Break The Silence Extravaganza tours, for domestic violence on behalf of battered women and children and men. This is a one day event to be held in Stockton, California on Saturday, April 23, 2022.


  • The doors open at 6:00pm. Tickets in starting in advance at $25 and $35 at the door and $75 for VIP. All Sale are final. (No Refunds)


There will be a host of activities:

  • Celebrity Key-Speakers

  • Live Concert

  • Comedy

  • Vendors

  • Spoken Words

  • Community Outreach

  • Raffles/Auctions/Fundraiser


The legendary group Blue Magic is an American R&B and soul group, and one of the more popular Philadelphia soul groups of the 1970s. Founded in 1972, some of their most popular songs are and will we be performed:

  1. Just Don't Want to Be Lonely

  2. Sideshow

  3. Spell

  4. Stop to Start

  5. What's Come Over Me

Tickets are on sale now.... there will no refunds once a ticket has been purchased in advance.


You’re invited to meet other celebrities at a meet-and-greet called “Break the Silence Extravaganza” designed to raise money for victims of domestic violence. There will be other special celebrity guest performances such as but not limited to Grammy award winning songwriter Juanita Wynn, Sharon Wynn, Marvaless, Zeyounce Brown, and celebrity guest key - speakers Rodney Allen Rippy, and other special guest Nate Williams, Adrienne Feemster, Alvin & Calvin, and spoken words by Chrystal Alisa, and comedy by Regina Givens and more....

Proceeds will go to a group known as “Break The Silence Extravaganza”. It’s a nonprofit organization designed to provide services and support to battered women and children and men whom have been in or escaping domestic violence

Sponsored by the Leafe Community 501c3, Black Wall Street Sparks Nevada, Faces of Success Radio & Recording Studio, Day Dreamers Productions. Choices of Freedom.


Contact Pearl Johnson (775)223-8575 Sheena Cloutier (702)-472-0846

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